Key Features of M-Booster

• 32″ Touch screen Self-Order & Pay kiosk, 1920 x 1080 Resolution
• Multiple Payment Options
• Dual Control (Double side touch screen plus ordering and paying system)
• Star 80mm Kiosk Printer
• 2D Barcode Scanner
• More than 150functions and capabilities, including Employee Management, Inventory Management, Member Management, Multiple Real-Time cloud Business Reports
• Highly Customize guest display UI design and functions
• Highly Customize staff display UI design and functions

Front View of M-Booster

Side View of M-Booster

Key Benefits of M-Booster

• Slim and Smart design, easy and efficient installation.
• High efficiency; speed up ordering and paying
• Reducing cashier line-up
• Reducing labour cost
• Up selling each one of the customers; increasing sales by at least 35%
• Enhance customer experience
• Shorten closing time-cost up to 80%
• Easy access, and management
• Easy edit & add menu items
• View multiple real-time business cloud reports through multiple devices in anywhere at any time.
• Absolute Data Security with Microsoft Azure.