The future of POS systems is in the cloud and the future is now. UNE POS offers a complete platform that helps merchants run their businesses more effectively. By adopting Cloud technology and big data analysis, we developed a new generation of POS system—UNE POS. UNE POS is suitable for various businesses, such as restaurant, quick service, coffee shop, bar, food truck, food chain, and etc. It will provide customers with a more efficient, secure and stable service. Our powerful cloud based solutions will help you consolidate equipment, access real-time reporting, manage your inventory and ultimately boost your bottom line. Manage a single table or limited service restaurant or your entire franchise chain from anywhere on the cloud.

Easy & Smart

Get set up in minutes and suitable for supporting most OS including XP, Win7 and Win8/ 8.1. Train employees quickly, and customize your system to process transactions smoothly and efficiently. With UNE POS’s smart features, your staff and overall restaurant operation will be more efficient and get things done faster and better.

Lower Costs

Compared to traditional POS systems, UNE POS is not only lower in cost, but also offers more value. Low monthly payments and flexible financing options make it easy for restaurants to get a POS solution that allows them to quickly focus on running their business.

Stability & Security

Cloud Services, Virtual Machines and Virtual Network guarantee customers over 99.95% online rate and highly secured database with user login. Load balance and Auto-scale technology supports mass current request. Automatically data backup in different geographic places.

Robust Business Management

Understand your business better than ever with powerful reporting and access sales data from anywhere at any time with cloud-based security.