Software On The Big Screen, Small Screen Or Pad Perfect Show

Compared with traditional pos system , UNE POS not only do,And do it better

Absolute Safety (Microsoft Technical Support)
Absolute Stability (Microsoft Technical Support)
Automatic Load Balancing
Total Visibility, Flexibility And Scalability Is Our Key To Big Success Convenient, Simple, Intelligent Management System
Rapid And Direct Modification
The Graphical Interface Report (Drill Down And Search)

Mobile Terminal:

Mobile Phone, Pad, W8 Pad, IOS, Android (On The Road)
Upgrade Through The Cloud Rapidly And Automatically
Support Single Administrative Authority
Support Export Of Multiple Report (Printer, Pdf, Excel, Csv, Html)
Support The Free Set Of New Functions (Screenshot, Credit Card 10 Percent Off, Member 10 Percent Off, Coupons, Etc.)

Support Multi-Payment And Multi-Currency Payment Mode
Automatic Currency Exchange Rate Adjustment Function
Custom Tax And Fees For Service
Dual Ads Pictures Display
Mark-Up Price Function
Different Price Role For Different Outlet Function
Happy Hour And Promotion Period Price Function
Modification Of Packages, Dishes And Set Meal Function
Support PLI (Graphics)

Split Or Merge Bill

Bill can be easily split into two or multiple bills by selecting ordered items or dividing evenly into bills.
Merge bill allow user to merge number of bills into a single bill receipt.

Easy And Fast Table Arrangement Designer

Highly graphical and friendly user interface allow user to arrange table layout and decoration quickly in different floor level.
Build in table occupancy analyzing reports to show average revenue per table.

Multi-Tab Menu Designer

Just a simple click add-drop-and-drag make all the categories of items, food and beverages into the menu page very easily.

Make order transaction smoother and efficiently and keep all order-taking time in just a second.

Support Any POS Machine & Windows Pad

Use cutting edge technology and programming knowledge to certify all pos machine hardware and satisfy all the requirements of businesses for long-term development.

Types Of Versions Available (Standalone, The Cloud And The Enterprise Server Version)

UNE POS supports wide range of coverage and adaptability. There must be one suitable for your business environment and requirement.

Support Multiple Kitchen Printer

UNE POS supports multiple kitchen printers to print at the same time. Mainstream printers and other devices are supported (Card Reader, Barcode Scanner, etc.).

Automatic Data Synchronization Technology (ADST) Supported

Capability is to switch instantaneously between online and offline whenever there is network or internet breakdown or signal drop-off.

Automatic upload those un-upload orders and sales transaction back to cloud and backend POS immediately after network or internet signal recover.

Inventory Management System

Support inventory management and tracking, stock replenishment and dynamic location management.

All inbound and outbound activities include receiving and stock transfer intelligently management.


No restriction by pc, tablet or pad screen resolution. UNE POS is designed to automatically detect and resize software display to any screen resolution.